† i mite b gud lookin, but im still fukin angry † (kurik) wrote in overgrown_eden,
† i mite b gud lookin, but im still fukin angry †

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People just had an e-mail from Dave and Si (from InMe just in case sum ppl neva knew)

And they told me that sum1 from the studio has stole a copy of there upcomin album Whitebutterfly and copies r bein made and bein sold on various web sites WARNING THESE ARE NOT ORGINAL COPYS.

Due to this InMe are thinkin of  relisting there tracks on the album, which may longer there release, depending if there record companys (BMG and Music for the nation) sorts there ass out.

Any more updates i will get, will be posted on here or fist on my community (†I mite gud lookin but im still fuckin angry†).

Please dont buy these copys as this could destory our BANDS future, that means no more InME 4 any of us.

Thanks 4 ur attention


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