Prozac (jadedxforever) wrote in overgrown_eden,

New Tour?

Has anyone read the messageboard? I'm not sure if it's completely true... but, small tour in June, with Exit Ten supporting.

Liverpool Barfly, Liverpool, UK
Supporting InMe

Cardiff Barfly, Cardiff, UK
Supporting InMe

York Barfly, York, UK
Supporting InMe

London Barfly, London, UK
Supporting InMe

*shrugs* =)
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its a barfly tour, apparently theres gonna be a bigger tour in july
Yeah, I saw that. I'm gutted they're not playing Glasgow! Bit weird since there is a Barfly here. But oh well...=(
i agree wit rainbow fairy not fair that they aint comin to glasgow even thou there is a barfly plus it sucks that they would only be tourin england
Yep. It's not even as if there's anywhere in England easy to get to. =( *Apparently* they're going a bigger tour in July but I am not believing anything I read on the InMe boards anymore! I know those dates were announced on the Exit Ten website but things have been happening with the InMe website recently and no one has a clue what's going on. Weird...
i went to see them at the catty in august if they had another tour like that ot would be okies
Yeah, same.

Two interesting views I've seen:
1) They're doing a small tour because they haven't been signed.
2) They're doing a small tour because the record label want to see how well they do at a small tour which doesn't cost much.
i just want to hear new songs, i ahvent heard anythin since faster the chase which rocked